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Tuatara Soft Toy with Sound

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Tuatara Soft Toy with Sound This Tuatara soft toy makes real sounds when squeezed. The toy measures 37cm long.
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Tuatara Soft Toy with Sound

This Tuatara is a soft toy that makes the actual sound of the New Zealand Tuatara when pressed.

It measures 37cm long.

- Click on the Play Button to Hear the Sound of the Tuatara, this is the actual sound the toy plays.

About the Tuatara
The tuatara is the only surviving reptile of an order which flourished 200 million years ago. They are unique in many ways. they have two rows of upper teeth which overlap one row on the bottom. They are able to hear though possess no external ear and have a third eye visible as a hatchling, its function still the subject of research. Tuatara reproduce very slowly taking 10 years to reach maturity and females lay eggs, with soft parchment like shells, only once every two to five years. The average lifespan is 60 but they can live too well over 100 years.

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